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I wanted to create an Etsy shop (FindingMyFitStore) for the planners and journals that I have created and use myself every day! They help me stay on top of a busy schedule whilst practicing self-care, self-love and gratitude, all of which I think are super important to keeping a happy and healthy body and mind.

Happy shopping!

Featured Products

Daily Journal

Give yourself a few minutes each morning to fill in this daily journal to prepare yourself for the day ahead, whilst practicing self-care. This one-page journal combines everything you need in a single page for the ultimate simplicity.

The journal includes
✔ Daily to-do list (3 priority tasks and 3 lower priority tasks)
✔ Daily affirmation
✔ Self-care activity
✔ Water intake tracker
✔ Sleep tracker
✔ Mood tracker
✔ Exercise tracker
✔ Stretching tracker
✔ Goal tracker

Podcast Planner

Unlimited use so you can print it out as many times as you like for unlimited podcasting!

This 13 page Podcast Planner includes:
✔ Cover page
✔ Podcast outline (title, topics, goals, social media platforms)
✔ Episode ideas and collaborations
✔ Episode planner (title, publishing date, intro, topics, outro)
✔ Show notes planner
✔ Recording, editing, uploading trackers
✔ Promotion trackers
✔ Additional notes

Self Care Journal

Give yourself some time each week to fill in this journal to practice regular self-care. This eight-page journal will help you to boost your mood, and start to love yourself!

The journal includes
✔ Cover page
✔ Goal tracker
✔ Vision board
✔ Weekly check-in and daily trackers
✔ Self-care activities
✔ Weekly gratitude
✔ Weekly reflection
✔ Additional notes section

Self Reflection Journal

Give yourself a few minutes each morning to fill in this daily journal to self-reflect! This two-page journal spread will help you to evaluate your thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes.

The journal includes
✔ Gratitude practice
✔ Self-love practice
✔ Improvement goals
✔ Goal tracker
✔ Values and ideas
✔ Fear recognition
✔ Hobbies
✔ Additional notes section

Goal Planner

This 40-page journal will help you smash your yearly, monthly, and weekly goals

The journal includes
✔ Cover page
✔ Quote pages for motivation
✔ Yearly goals
✔ Goals by category
✔ Vision board
✔ Monthly goals and review pages (for every month)
✔ Weekly goals pages
✔ Additional notes section

Monthly and Weekly Planner and Calendar

Give yourself some time to plan your month ahead, and stay organised!

Undated so it can be used for any month

This five-page calendar can be printed out as many times as you like for unlimited usage

The calendar includes
✔ Monthly overview page
✔ Five weekly overview pages

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