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Diaries of an Anorexic is a powerful and intimate recovery story detailing the author’s seven-year rollercoaster battle with Anorexia Nervosa, a devastating eating disorder. In this heart-wrenching memoir she shares private diary entries from her darkest times and shows how Anorexia took hold of her during her teenage years and kept her tightly in its clutches until early adulthood.

While she does not shy away from the harsh reality of eating disorders, the daily routines and protocols of being hospitalised, and almost succumbing to being sectioned under the mental health act, she also hopes this book will aid the recovery of others.

Everybody’s struggle is unique and personal, but there are often similarities between individuals diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. Athina encourages any sufferers to work towards recovery, and to realise that recovery is possible through making small, consistent changes and building a strong support network.

Read this emotional story about Athina’s recovery from an eating disorder, an illness from which she never thought she would never be free. Remember that blue skies are coming… the dark clouds will soon disappear, leaving a clear, blue sky.

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