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Hi, I’m Athina


Finding My Fit empowers you to live a healthy and happy lifestyle by bringing you well-research information on women’s health, helping you practice self-love, and providing support and advice for those who are going through eating disorder recovery.

I coach people on how to surpass their health goals, and to achieve full eating disorder recovery to empower them to live their happiest, healthiest lives.

This is YOUR space to feel confident, and to become the best version of yourself you can possible be. Finding My Fit is not only about reaching health and recovery goals; it’s also about finding where you fit into the world, where you feel comfortable and content, and determining how to reach your dreams life! Let me help you find exactly where this is for you and what you need to do to reach these desires. They’re closer than you think…

Become your happiest, healthiest self. Find YOUR fit. 

  • Let me guess…you're super tired. You're overworked. You're drained. You feel like you could sleep for seven days straight? Girl, same! In this episode, I run through some of the reasons why you might be so tired, and I give you some top tips on how you can feel less tired and more energised. Please […]
  • Today is a bit of a personal kind of episode. I was thinking about how the negative and difficult times we go through are often necessary in order for us to grow and develop. We sometimes need to go through that break up or leave that job to move on and find something even better! […]
  • Today, I'm going through some important questions that you should be asking yourself if you want to lead a better, more positive life! Please support the podcast by subscribing, and leaving a rating and review on Apple Podcasts! Check out my website https://finding-my-fit.com. Connect with me on instagram @athinacrilley or @findingmyfitpodcast For my digital planners […]
  • Quick warning before you listen to this episode. There is discussion of sexual abuse and PTSD. Please listen with discretion! Today, I am joined by Alexandra, who runs the Instagram account @pod.draland. She opens up about the sexual abuse she experienced as a child and her PTSD. She gives some incredible tips on how to […]

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