Finding My Fit podcast

Hi, I’m Athina

Finding My Fit empowers you to live a healthy and happy lifestyle by bringing you well-research information on women’s health, helping you practice self-love, and providing support and advice for those who are going through eating disorder recovery.

I coach people on how to surpass their health goals, and to achieve full eating disorder recovery to empower them to live their happiest, healthiest lives.

This is YOUR space to feel confident, and to become the best version of yourself you can possible be. Finding My Fit is not only about reaching health and recovery goals; it’s also about finding where you fit into the world, where you feel comfortable and content, and determining how to reach your dreams life! Let me help you find exactly where this is for you and what you need to do to reach these desires. They’re closer than you think…

Become your happiest, healthiest self. Find YOUR fit. 

  • I hope you're listening to this episode while walking outdoors or chilling in the sun (even though there's literally no sun in the UK at the moment) because I'm telling you all about why sunlight is super important for our physical and mental health! Please support the podcast by subscribing, and leaving a rating and […]
  • It's part 2 of the two-part snack series where I cover the things we need to normalise in society. This time we're normalising honouring boundaries and saying no, spending time alone, not drinking alcohol, not settling down in your 20s! Enjoy x Please support the podcast by subscribing, and leaving a rating and review on […]
  • In today's episode, I am joined by Erin, who speaks all about how her past experiences have shaped who she is today. We spoke about all things happiness and joy! She tells us how we can all learn to create impenetrable joy and manifest the life that we want through healthy healing practices. Check out […]
  • Why do women have to shave their body hair but not men? Why are so many us reluctant to talk about sex? There are some many things that society tells us are abnormal or weird, but in reality, who actually decided what was normal and what wasn't? Today, I go over some of the things […]

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